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I saw a journal post of some who I watch about the definition of gender, this is what I responded. I'll take this moment, to officially come out to the web as Bisexual and Transgender. Especially the last part is something which I have only accepted recently, and I am still figuring out what it means for me. As I feel as both genders and identify myself with both of the genders. It's still a journey of discovery for me, but that blog post helped me to think about it some more.

This is the link:…

This my reaction:

This has turned into an essay, if you are really interested in it. I hope you read it ( the caps are not because I am mad, but just to emphasize, albeit a bit frustration perhaps of the world in general, ill post this on my journal as wel)

You know, I was keeping this a ''between me and some people'' kind of deal. But looking at these comments.. I dunno, there's work to be done I guess. I am someone who has since years, but only recently accepted the fact. That when felt faced with the issue. That when a form requires me to fill in a blanc and asks me about my gender, I want to fill in both. 

QUOTE: ''so for me, I don't believe in multiple genders beyond two or three since i base it on the physical sexual beliefs.  so what about cis gender and binary gender, you ask?  well, to use myself as an example based on definition,  I do not think as the "stereotypical male".  I hate sports, hate mechanics, politics bore me, I am submissive, I hate cars.  Does this mean I think of myself as a woman and not a guy?  not really based on my definition.''

I always thought myself as not a typical guy, like you, and some other people in  the comments. I thought myself as weird (go figure) and dismissed the fact that there was anything else going on for me than just not being according to the norm. I was just a nice and emotional guy and I was proud of this fact. THing is. It isn't about what you think of yourself, or about what you think about specific genderbased stereotypes in society  or even about what your personality is.

It's about how you feel, and how you use those feelings to identify yourself.

For me, despite that I just like you and others could just try and accept myself as a different kind of man. It quite simply is NOT who I am. It might be who YOU are, but not Who I am.  People DO NOT BELIEVE they are something, they simply ARE.

I know this, not because I act different or THINK myself as different (though offcourse there is part in this, as I do feel and think differently) . It is how I feel, instinctively in different situations, that I AM different.  I do not think myself as exclusivly as a man, I do not think myself as exclusivlely female ( I have still only accepted this recently, so I have not had time to completely discover who I am).But for now I am stuck between genders, in my mind.

If you do not feel this way, you cannot possibly understand how it feels or what a person, who is transgendered thinks. That is exactly the problem in society in general. If it isn't part of you, it's easy to think that it isn't part of anyone else either. Considering you can only go by about what YOU feel, not what someone else feels.….

This effect is exactly what causes people to form (negative) opinions of things they do not understand and develop,what they believe and their thinking process, as fact.
(Stephen Colbert actually invented a word for this, called truthiness (…). Couple of examples: ‘’because I am not attracted to men, homosexuality is wrong’’ and ‘’because I think this way and do not feel like a woman, people who think they feel like one, must be mentally ill’

The world in general, is not black and white, our minds however demand it to be . So we can make sense of the world around us. We use this black and white thinking to create cubicles of ideas and opinions about everything and eventually it grows into cultural norms and ‘’set in stone’’ definitions about who and what is what.  

That does not change the fact, that it is NOT  that way. It’s NOT reality. Reality is the fact, that in this world there are numerous ways about how a person can end up being born. Transgender (and the other letters LGB+, which actually is NOT tomato tomato) are not a social construct, ones gender (mentally) and sexuality are not defined by social contructs of culture, it’s something that has always existed, thoughout different parts of the worlds that have never met and throughout nature itself.

The native americans knew transgendered people as two spirited (Which I identify most with), people in india have had transgendered people mentioned throughout history aswel. And please note, that it was thus far far apart, that Columbus went to the wrong continent and called the Native Americans, indians. In other words, Native Americans and people from India are worlds apart and they both have transgendered people. There are also countless example of homosexuality in animals and even transgenderism (animals who insitcintlvly act like the opposite of their assigned birth Sex, proving that it’s very much real AND biological  AND according to nature.

The only thing that is a social contruct, is how we perceive people that are transgendered. The Native Americans accepted transgendered men and they had their place in the tribe, taking care of the children with other women when the hunters were away.

Which leads us to what should change, And that is peoples perception.

The reason that there are so many definitions of different kind of genders, is because of that same need to categorize everything. They want to define themselves, this has gone overboard somewhat. However it’s how this process simply goes.

The only way to get transgendered people accepted, is if it becomes part of cultures (again). This includes the seperation of the definitions of Gender and Sex. It’s not people who should change, it’s definitions, grammar, norms and ESPECIALLY black and white thinking.

 In this specific case, it’s the forms that need to change with either a Sex option ( Which asks about biologically assigned features) or a Gender ‘’other’’ option. You don’t even need to have it specify.
You can even have both questions to explicitely state the difference. When you go the doctor, the only thing that might change, is how he calls you if you are transgendered. There is nothing confusing about that, especially not when people learn and accept the difference and accept people of all kind.

Which is what LGBT rights activists and LGBT’s  themselves (sometimes the wrong way, by being aggressive towards those that do not understand), try to do.

I believe the basic right of life, is to be who you are and get accepted for it. (As long as it does not hurt other individuals offcourse).  I am who I am, just like other people are who they are.

What other people belief I am or the fact that they think they know what I think or believe I am.

 Is not how I am defined.

I am defined by myself only and I reserve that right as much as cisgendered and/or straight people have the right to define themselves.


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Also Known As Soulsaint, my name however was ''taken'' by someone else, thus used this name.... IF you see any of my art signed as Soulsaint, I did not steal it it IS mine.... Aspiring artist and Entrepreneur (always wanted to use that word >_> )

Current Residence: Lower regions of this world
Personal Quote: Art is Perception, There is always a silver lining to a rainbow of crap...

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